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Posted on: 24th Feb, 2016

If you are thinking about taking on a home renovation project then this article is a most read with useful tips and ideas to prepare an effective plan of action.

As Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs TV Presenter, once said: “Everyone approaching a large renovation project should spend three years on planning and six months on the expensive bit – the building”
If you have a properly thought out plan in place before starting the building work, then everyone on site including yourself will feel in control of the project and know exactly what is happening, what needs to be achieved and the steps to achieve it. Once the building work starts that’s when the costs start ticking over and it won’t be nice to be paying for work that has to be stopped due to lack of planning and decision making.
Patience is a virtue, combined with motivation to get the job done and good organisation over the budget, you will be able to renovation a house into your dream home.

It is very exciting to think you can build your own home, however it is recommended to only tackle the DIY route if you are confident in your capabilities, the time you have available and the support network around you.
When deciding to bring in professional help it is always good practice to collect between three to four different quotes for the work, together with past customer’s testimonials and a gallery of completed projects. This will provide you with a good understanding and comparison on the prices in the industry and also an insight into the company and the standard they work at. When talking to the professionals it is worth asking them about their current workload, so you can gain a picture of when they can start working on your build and also the amount of dedication they can give you.

If you are wanting to include a home office to your property it is worth considering adding a loft area: this will provide you the extra living space required but keeping it separate from the home itself so you can switch off from work when its family time. Always think about how easy the access is going to be to the loft area and the height when standing in the room.
This idea can also work for an extra bedroom, a kids play area or a grown-ups place to relax with a book and a cup of coffee.


loft conversation home renovation


When considering renovating your house it is important to understand what type of work requires planning permission and making sure you have completed and submitted all that is necessary before you start the build. There could be nothing more frustrating than having to stop the work because of some admin duties that could have been planned for in advance.

If you are renovating a property to create your own dream home then stamp your personality and what you love within the property, making it your own perfect space.
However if you are tackling a renovation project to sell the property then think about what others might like and not your personal taste. You may like a pink wall with big yellow flowers but the potential buyer may be put off by the design and it could stop them from imaging their own life within the property.

A renovation project is the perfect opportunity to add natural light wherever possible. This can be achieved from the insertion of skylights in the roof or replacing a wall with large glass windows, an especially great idea if you have stunning views that can be enjoyed from inside the property.


skylights to add natural light to your home renovation


If you are interested in adding value to your property through the renovation then you need to consider proportion: it’s all well and good having lots of bedrooms, but it won’t necessarily add value if it means compromising on comfort or the amount of bathroom space doesn’t match the large family layout.

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