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Framed Glass Juliet Balcony

Bring More Natural Light Into Your Home With A Glass Juliet Balcony

Posted on: 1st Sep, 2017

We may hate to admit it, but the darker evenings and mornings are already just around the corner.  Exposure to natural sunlight has several benefits ...

Elite Vista Juliet Balcony

A Brief History of the Juliet Balcony

Posted on: 5th Jul, 2017

A Juliet Balcony is one that doesn’t stand far from the wall and either has no platform to stand on.  Most commonly, they consist of ...

Composite Decking Boards on Rooftop Terrace

Composite Decking Boards Over Membrane: Essential Information

Posted on: 30th Jun, 2017

Installing any surface including composite decking boards over membrane is in most cases a costly exercise.  Furthermore, it is one of those jobs where, if ...

Roof Top Decking Balustrade

Six Reasons to Choose Glass for a Decking Balustrade

Posted on: 28th Jun, 2017

There are several reasons for adding a decking balustrade to your outdoor living space. These can be, for example, essential safety considerations, zoning off areas ...

Mini-Post Frameless Glass Balustrade

Design Tips for a Balcony Garden

Posted on: 20th Jun, 2017

The days are becoming longer and warmer leaving us more opportunity for getting outdoors to enjoy the fresh air.  Furthermore, we may be turning our ...

why choose our frameless mini post glass balustrade system feature image

Why Choose Our Frameless Mini Post Glass Balustrade Systems?

Posted on: 8th Jun, 2017

Our frameless mini-post system is one of our most popular glass balustrade solutions, and it’s no wonder – it’s beautiful and practical in equal measure. ...

Semi-framed stainless steel and glass balustrade

Mirror Polished Vs Satin Brushed Stainless Steel Components for Exterior Balustrades

Posted on: 9th May, 2017

Exterior balustrades have become increasingly popular in modern architecture. They provide an essential safety feature for the increasing numbers of people who want to enjoy ...

integrating balustrades into your home renovation

Integrating Balustrades Into Your Home Renovation

Posted on: 8th Mar, 2017

For many of our customers a home renovation presents a prime opportunity to install a balustrade, given the planning and general minor upheaval that entails. ...

semi framed design in garden

Seeing Clearly – How Glass Balustrades Benefit Your Mental Health

Posted on: 23rd Feb, 2017

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a glass balustrade, and no doubt you’ve got a few in mind already. But there ...

Named After A Flower: A Quick History Of Balustrades

A Quick History Of Balustrades

Posted on: 6th Feb, 2017

Balustrades today are as popular as they ever were, and it’s not hard to see why. Their versatile design makes them perfectly at home in ...

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